Who are we?

"Architecture is the perfect Mix between Passion and Madness."

We like to defined us as an “experimental firm”.

Each of our design contain a piece of history of the context. We love to be inspired by the history, the roots and archetypes of the place where the project has to be designed. 


We have cooperated with Studio Fuksas for many years when we decided to change and found our own studio in Rome, but now we also work in several context as Milan, Bari and Lille.

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Ivan Zito


Architectural Engineer

Antonio F. Tandoi

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Silvia D'Alessandro

Architectural BM engeneer

Nada Asadi Sohi

Business Development

Giulia Pescosolido

Cost Control Engeneer

Narges Asadi Sohi

Social Media Manager

Arianna Fattinnanzi


Arianna Bonamore

Digital Graphic Designer

Riccardo Pescosolido


Dana e Gigio